Come visit our Market Square café located on Lower Johnson Street to enjoy a piece of Belgium history. Or check our Facebook page for the location of our food truck at events in Victoria.

Our waffles are authentic Belgian waffles made from scratch using flour, butter, milk, yeast, eggs and sugar.

liège waffle

Made from dough

sweetened, caramel coating, dense, rich and tasty


Brussels waffle

Made from batter

no sugar, crispy outside, moist inside, light & fluffy



icing sugar – FREE

whipping cream – $1.80

home made

banana – $1.99

vanilla ice cream – $2.99

chocolate sauce – $2.20

real chocolate

fruit compote – $3.20

home made

strawberry compote – $3.20

home made


soft drinks – $2.99

water bottle – $2.49

milk – $2.49

coffee – $2.99

hot chocolate – $4.99